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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back 2 School Week

Its back to school week are you ready??? Well ready or not the time has come. Now what can you do to help make it the best ever back to school??

Time to change your summer schedule into a back to school schedule. Waking up early, eating meals at a time that fits into the schedule.

Head to the parent orientation meeting. We did this last night we met the teacher and checked out the room.

As the teacher shared last night there will be lots of papers to share out with information that not only she needs but the office as well. It is important for a couple of reasons that these papers get turned back in at once. One reason is that the school really needs them and another is so that they wont get misplaced

We have one grand-baby that will ride a bus and another one that will not. It is a great idea to get in the car and take the children to the school in the car so that they know where the school is and that it is ok

Tomorrow we will take our grand-babies shopping for those after school snacks and for good school lunches. This is important to do together. One reason is because we want to have our input in the snacks and what goes in the lunch but they also know what they will eat.

Last night our teacher mentioned homework. We welcome it and will have our own little work station to do it at. We will have supplies at the ready so that homework can be done easily. A good idea is to have a place for pencils, crayons and what ever will be needed, if you have a desk then great you are ready if not a shoe box with a couple of cups does a great job as well. As far as keeping papers neat get a homework folder that can go back and forth from school and home.

Its never to early to get them into reading a good book this also prepares them to do them homework when it comes time. Set aside a moment in time to have study time.

Be excited if you are excited the emotion often overflows and your child will be excited as well. .

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  1. It sounds like you and your grandchildren are embracing the excitement of a new school year! I love that you include the little ones in selecting their own healthy school snacks, and that they have a special area at home for studying and completing homework assignments. Everything is off to a excellent start. Many good wishes for a fun school year! :-)

  2. A homework station is such a great idea. We actually have a spare pencil box, crayons, and pencils so that everything our daughter needs is all in one place for her to complete her work.

  3. I'm glad you will have a homework station. I know many parents don't enjoy homework, but it is crucial for the child's learning experience and memory. The more we work with skills, the better they will stick in the long term memory. Great post!


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