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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fun and Cheap Date Ideas

I am the mother of 5 teens that are all starting to date. With them all going to school they have little to no money. They do have allowances but they only go so far so when they want to go on dates they have to be creative. Mom and Dads and couples who don't want to break the bank to have fun need to be creative as well. Here are some ideas that I shared with my teens you may want to try as well:
  • Parks are great place to hang out and have fun. A fun to go is in the evening when not as many kids are present Race to the swings, see who can swing the highest, go down the slide just have fun.
  • Cook together start by planning on what you will be cooking. shop for the ingredients. The grocery store can be as fun as well. Cooking together means working together and gives you both an idea of if you can get along together or not.
  • Go to festivals, farmer markets, or in our area there is always something going on that cost little to nothing to hang out, have fun, and check something new out.
  • Go camping, now with my teens we go camping as a family and they are not allowed in each others tent. Build a bonfire, roast hotdogs and marshmallows, look at the stars, make wishes and yes have fun.
  • Become an artist play with sidewalk chalk and create drawings. This can be done most anywhere because it washes off with water.

    Whatever you decide to do remember having fun doesn't have to cost alot of money.

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  1. Along with parks, picnic dates can be a lot of fun... each can bring something to share and it will be a fun surprise.


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