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Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday 5

1.In the past month, what was your biggest OOPS?
2.In the past month, what inspired you to let out your most heartfelt WHEW?
3.In the past month, what caused you to say, “HUH?”
4.In the past month, what influenced the most ZZZZZZZZs?
5.In the past month, what was most GRRRRRRRRR-worthy?

1. my biggest oops was staying at after prom with my seniors chaperoning was fun but it took me forever to get over it

2. to find out that my sons passport came in for his mission trip that was a big relief

3. not understanding how my girls are changing and growing up sometimes I need to sit back and ponder

4. same as number 1

5. dont remember having an exact moment like that I probably did but looking back I cant remember any

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