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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Thunks

1. What is your favorite kind of cookie?

sugar and iced if possible I love the ones from a local bakery the best

2. If a birds wing falls asleep, does it hurt when it tries to flap it's wings or does that make it feel better?

well since I am not a bird I would not know

3. Water - tab, bottle, filtered or....???

filtered is what we use at home bottled else where

4. Would you (or do you) have a stripper pole installed in your home?

nope do not never would but it may have been fun when I was younger

5. Do you still have any Christmas decoration up?

nope took them all down just this past week LOL

6. What brand of camera do you have?


7. Why do paint colors have weird names?

yes but I think many of them are pretty

8. Which toe is your favorite and which foot is it on?

never thought about a favorite toe before

9. What would you do if a celebrity sneezed in your face?

I would probably do the same thing I do to everyone else hand them a tissue and ask them if they have a health coverage for everyone they infect

10. If a stranger came to your door and asked for a glass of water, would you give it to them?

yes, but ask them to stay outside

11. The government has asked that you pick the newest national holiday - what is it?

moms day off

12. How many toothpicks could you fit into a beer can?

have no idea one day when I am bored have nothing else to do (like that would ever happen) i may take the time to find out

13. Whats the weirdest excuse you ever gave for missing school or work...or heck, even a social function, date, whatever?

besides the normal sick, kid sick, etc... cant think of any

14. Can we stop now?

please these questions are killing me

play here


  1. LOL Love you 11 and 14 Too funny. Great answers :)

  2. Mom's Day Off would be a good one.

    I played along this week;

  3. "Please these questions are killing me" ROFL! You are too funny!


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