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Friday, March 12, 2010

Feed Me Books Friday : Spring


I love Sesame Street in fact we always have. I loved this great show as a child, mother and now a grandmother. I can remember reading the wonderful books that are created for Sesame Street to my younger brothers, my children, children I cared for and to my lil Princess. I love how these books teach lessons through the great words on the page. Watching as characters learn lessons and demonstrate what they learn. With the seasons changing again I thought it would be wonderful to look at a few books about seasons and spring.

The book The four Seasons finds the great Sesame Street characters sharing the seasons in a great fun way. The Sesame Street website offers fun games for spring as well here.

I also love Gail Gibbons, she has many wonderful books. The book Arnold's Apple Tree teaches about apples as well as seasons.


  1. Thanks for sharing your favorite books! I love adding to my library lists with all the great suggestions from FMBF! These are both on my list now for our Spring unit coming up soon!!

  2. Gail Gibbons is amazing--I haven't seen this one yet!

  3. I like your seasons theme. My daughter loves Elmo!

    Have a great week!


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