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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Thought Tuesday


I sit here wondering if when my frozen pipes unthaw if they will bust. My hopes is that they will not. Had a dear friends bust and water went all over their back porch. Can you imagine the mess that will take place if the pipes bust? Ours our in the crawl space and I would not have to do much clean up but the water would be prolonged in use. That is why I hope that the pipes do not bust.

Today my son leaves and go homes and my thoughts begin to wonder on that as well. When our children are born we love them so much that I would not let them get out of my sight for long. Then as they got a few years older I was happy to see them go for a few hours and often felt as if I would do anything if they would go out and play for just a short period of time. Now that they are grown I become sad when they have to go back to where they live and go to school. I just find it peculiar in the circle of parent and child how it works

Well those are my random thoughts what are yours? Want to read others? Head over to the blog UnMom


  1. Ugh.. can't evenn begin to think about my babies being big enough to leave home...(makes me sad!) - thanks for popping by today! : )

  2. I agree it's harder to say goodbye to them now they have their own lives. I think it's because I don't know when I'll see them next. Full circle and not fun sometimes.

  3. That part about the kids sounds exactly like my Mother! I need to call her now!

  4. I complain about the noise all the time, but I know once the kids move out, I will miss the din of their voices.


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