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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday 6

1. You’re at an Italian restaurant on a first date: how do you eat your spaghetti: do you cut it with the folk or roll it onto the tines? (And eating something else isn’t an option!)

I would cut it of course or eat it together in one plate like they do on the movies so that our lips will meet in a kiss

2. You’ve prepared a nice soup for dinner when you happen to hear a news story that bay leaves, even after being cooked, are sharp enough to tear internal organs when eaten whole. (It’s true.) Do you fish them out of your masterpiece, warn your guests in advance not to eat them, or just assume everyone knows to not eat the extra greenery?

Hang a big sign up that says "not responsible for injuries if you are silly enough to eat the green"

3. You’re having dinner at a nice restaurant with a group of friends and acquaintances. The sauce of your main course is the best you’ve ever tasted. You’ve eaten most of the dish, but you’ve got part of a roll and some sauce left. Do you sop up a little sauce for one more taste?

Well are we close friends if we are then we are almost family and of course I would, if they are people I have just met I have trouble eating in front of new people so this would never happen

4. This time, you’re at a seafood restaurant with folks you don’t know as well. Do you order a crab or lobster, a dish that would involve a lot of shell-cracking and a potential minor mess, or do you stick with something cleaner like a nice grilled fillet?

I stick to something cleaner of course have you ever seen me when I eat seafood

5. You’re invited to a cookout by a friend, but when you get there, you discover that the main thing being cooked, that everyone else is a big fan of, is something you don’t like. Would you still eat a serving to be neighborly, or try to talk your way out of that one dish?

This has truely happened before because my friends are all hunters and before being married I never ate any wild meat so everything is new to me

6. You’re back at a seafood restaurant with friends. Unknowingly, you order a fish that is served whole, head and all. Do you send it back or just deal with it?

No it goes back if it can look at me I am not eating it.

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  1. Food can always provide some interesting experiences! Your post brought a smile to my face, as I have experienced some of this!


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