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Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Fragments

Like sands through the hour glass....these are the fragments of our lives.
** It is such a great morning here, lovely warm day with no rain or snow in sight. Wow what a difference today is than a week ago.
** We were woke up very early in the morning when I received a phone call from my daughter Princess had fallen and busted her mouth open. All I could hear my husband calling was take her to the ER. My hubby is a great man but goes a bit spastic when something bad happens so I never know what to think. After hanging up and telling me about it the phone rang again it was my daughter and all was going to be o.k. it was not as bad as it seemed. Thank goodness, but also thank God that my daughter feels that she can call in the middle of the night no matter what the problem. This is the kind of open relationship I strive to have with all of my children.
** The farm is dead, well at least my farm on farmville that I played on facebook probably is. I do not find the time to travel to facebook as much as I once did. So to all you farmers that helped me in the past thank you and sorry that I could not keep up with my crops.
** The terrible events in Haiti and the earthquake have helped me to put my life in order a bit. The things that we complained so much about are pale compared to their problems. Weather is year round and whether it is too hot or too cold it seems there is always something to complain about.
** The flu seems to be going around in these areas. Yesterday I had it and I hope that my children and husband do not get it but just received a phone call that my sister in law and her kids are sick. Sorry sis I did not mean to share all that I had but then we are family. LOL.
what are your fragments in life? Want to share? Head over to the blog Half Past Kissin' Time

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