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Monday, January 11, 2010

Son visiting but leaving soon makes for a blue monday

This week my son has been visiting us and we have all had a lovely time. He leaves soon to go back to school and he will be missed. I am so proud of him beyond words.


  1. It's always a bit empty whenever our children leave, no matter their age. You'll enjoy looking at this picture. Happy Blue Monday.

  2. We mothers tend to want to hang on to our children, but we have to let go. I have had a broken heart on many occasions over my son. Nothing bad, just graduation, going to the service and getting married. Over time, I accepted this and it all turned out well.

  3. There is not nothing wrong with a blue Monday over missing your son. My son is in 11th grade and I already miss him and he isn't gone away to college yet. It is a beautiful blessing to have a loving relationship with our children.

    Yoli :)

  4. Mom's always have such a hard time when their kids have to leave. But what would we do without them. Mine is my very best friend :) Great photo :)

  5. I know that you are going to miss him but he is going to be with your daughter and we will take care of hime for you.

  6. My Mom cried and cried when I left. After five long years I visited her once and we only stayed a couple of weeks.

    Pizza maker is my BM post.

  7. Annie, Lovely little picture of your Pink Princess below this. So adorable. I know why you feel blue that your son is leaving. They grow up much too fast. Happy Blue Monday

  8. OH I know how you feel!!! My son moved away to go to school, and has two little angels. We hardly get to see them:(
    He is just nearing the "finish line" and at 27 will graduate this spring. THERE ARE NOT WORDS to describe the pride I feel for a job well done AND while working and raising their kids. I know he will be looking for work after this and that may take tham even my dream of keeping my 6 little 'ducklings' close by and and forever safe is probably not going to be. I have to trust that he has learned what he has needed to guide himself and his OWN family now, and be so excited for him to start a new phase in his life.
    We don't see our grandkids alot over these past 3 1/2 years because of their AND our schedule (we still have3 of 6 kids age 10-17 at home) and I am the one with health issues that hold us back sometimes. So I am on the other side of your discussion about health issues keeping you down. I feel so bad about that, and would never want my kids and husband to miss out on life I cant share right now. I am sure he feels the same...
    You only live once and that sweet and GORGEOUS little princess needs her grandma's time, love, and influence. It is a wonderful gift to her!

    Long comment back... but had read all of your posts and wanted to comment in one space. Your life sounds busy AND a blessing...


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