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Monday, January 11, 2010

This Year I Plan Too ...

This year there are many things that I wish to do. First of all my baby graduates from high school this year. So with his graduating that means my step son (who I call my own) will be the last one that is in school k-12. I am not sure where this new year takes me I only pray that he prepares me and gives me strength to where it will lead.

I plan to spend more time with Princess visiting as often as I can. This means that if my hubby does not wish to go that I still go and see her. I also pray that whatever the new year brings with my hubby and his health that I am prepared whether he takes the steps to better health or to stay withdrawn that I am strong enough to love him and bring the love of outside to him on the inside.

These are just a few of my plans as I am not sure what else will happen with colleges to start and continue. My children may find their selves for the first time leading the good fight and I may find my self finding myself again. It has been a long time since I have not had a little one to take care of full time and this alone may find a life of its own. So a new year... a new beginning may be what I find.

posted at the blog At the Well... In Pursuit of Titus 2.


  1. Those are great ambitions for the new year:-)

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