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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Georgia becomes a State

In 1733  Georgia became a British colony in 1733. It was the last and southernmost of the original 13 colonies. The colony was named after King George II of Great Britain. Georgia was the fourth state to ratify the U.S. constitution on January 2, 1788. However, in 1861 Georgia would seceded from the Union and became a Confederate state.

In July 15 , 1870 Georgia would become the last state restored to the Union. Georgia is the 24th largest and 8th most populated state out of the 50 United States. Known as the peach state as well as the empire to t
he south Georgia is a state full of lots of history.

The state of Georgia lays between Tennessee and North Carolina on the north, South Carolina to the northeast, the Atlantic Ocean lays to the southeast, Alabama is to the west and Florida is to the south. Found along Georgia's northern border is the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Mound building cultures lived in the area of Georgia eons ago way before the British came to colonize. James Oglethorpe founded the colony of Georgia. In 1742 the Spanish invaded the colony of Georgia. Later Georgia would become a crown colony and a king would rule the colony until the signing of Declaration of Independence in 1776. In addition Georgia has had its boom in population as well.

In 1829 when gold was discovered in Georgia it led to the Georgia Gold Rush.  This would also lead to taking land from those that we are all ready here the Cherokee and would lead to a dark point in America history known as the 'trail of tears'.

In 1861 the history of Georgia would change again when they rebelled and joined the confederacy. Major battles would take place in Georgia. A major battle known as Sherman's March to the Sea would destroy parts of the state. More than 18,000 Georgian soldiers would die in service

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  1. Love your beautiful state. Thanks for such an informative post.

  2. Thank you for sharing a piece of history! Such a lovely state 😊


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