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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Benefits of Self Help Group

Self help groups are made up of groups of people who provide mutual support for each other. The group members all share a common problem, a common disease or addiction. The group is there to help members eliminate or control behaviors causing them concern, affects their daily function or are harmful to their health.

There are several forms of self help groups. Two of the best known are those either hosted by professionals or groups made up of peers. Professional groups are often hosted by doctors, nurses or other health worker. Peer groups are often made up of individuals currently dealing with issues to deal with the subject of the group as well as those who have had experience on the subject as well. In addition self help groups can be broken down in other ways

Self help groups while different all have goals in common These goals include:

  • encourages sharing of experiences between people with a common reality.
  • promote self help at all levels including helping others by listening and nurturing
  • fosters the potential to make new friends with those experiencing the same issues
  • enables members to see a more positive view of problems by meeting those who have been where they are
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