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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Keep Teen Drivers Safe On WInter Roads

Most experienced drivers are aware that the roads in winter can often be ice and snow covered making them a challenge. Experience driver may be aware of what to do if they hit a patch of ice or snow but it is still very scary. Wintery conditions can be a nightmare for new drivers who do not have years of driving experience to rely on. Therefore, it is up to the adult in the teen drivers life to help prepare them to drive in all types of weather (rain, sleet, snow and ice)

Inexperienced drivers are more likely to panic when road conditions are less than ideal. Remind them to wear their seatbelt and have their passengers ride them as well. A vast majority of fatal traffic accident are related to drivers and passengers not belted in. Other important tips to teach young drivers are:

  • teach teen how to handle a skidding car. Practice hard braking and steering in skidding situations 
  • how to regain control in event of an emergency 
  • slow speed maneuvers on a wide open snow or ice covered parking lot
  • remind your teen if roads are not clear to drive slow 

Tips to Drive Safe in Winter Weather.

  • When winter weather is unsafe it is always best when driving to leave a bit earlier so that you are not in a rush. If the cars on the road with you seem to be rushing don't be pressured to drive any faster than you are comfortable with
  • The tip of the trick of driving is to leave a car distance between you and the car in front of about 3 seconds. In winter weather it is a better idea to leave more time between you and the car in front of you Icy Roads will slow you to stop fast enough.
  • When using your brakes provide constant pressure to your brakes to give them better braking and steering control. More braking room is often needed in winter weather. 
  • Ice patches may be hidden on bridges, overpasses, shady spots and intersections. Knowing that ice forms more readily in some areas will help you to be more aware. One of the worst hazard in winter is "black ice" While it may resemble a water puddle it is truly ice and very dangerous
  • On snow covered roads drive in the ruts created by tire tracks. The ruts allow traction which allows you to change lanes slower and smoother. All Wheel Drive vehicles offers a false sense of security even four wheel drive does little in slippery conditions. 

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