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Friday, January 25, 2019

So You Want To Be a Disc Jockey

Do you love music?? Do you love sharing it with others?? Would you like to be paid for spinning the tunes?? If the answers to these questions is yes then you may be the perfect individuals to become a DJ. A musician who works with pre-recorded music in a live environment in order to provide musical entertainment to guests are known as Disc Jockeys. 

DJs love to create playlists, share the tunes on the radio, internet stations, at dance clubs and bars. They must know trivia and facts about the music that they play and share with others as well. Individuals who are successful DJs know and understand how to operate electronic equipment, the art and musical science of blending and balancing transitions to create cohesive song transitions. 

A professional DJ is able to operate on a freelance or contract basis. DJ's are allowed to create their own hours and earning potential. DJ's are found in many different places including public events, weddings, birthdays and sporting events. 

DJ's do not need formal education. The field of education that a DJ must relates to is the art world. There are a variety of art schools that do offer classes to become a DJ. The job of a DJ requires little education or even equipment most professional DJ's possess knowledge as well as equipment to successfully do their job However, if you are committed to the world of sound and music you can earn a Bachelor's Degree in Audio or Sound Engineering . 

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