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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Order The Garden Through Mail Order

Winter time is a time of retreat for many gardeners. After pruning, planting, winterizing, fertilizing, mowing and sowing the time to rest has come. Gardening can be hard work with all the composing, and planting a welcome retreat of winter is almost looked forward to. Gardeners can clean up pretty good both during and season and in winter season as well. However, like most things the rest and retreat comes to an end and that makes gardeners happy as well.

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Sometime after the first of the year a sort of feeling, you can call it an itch starts to develop. While gardeners have enjoyed the much deserved rest we begin to dream of getting our hands dirty and working in the garden again. Since the weather outside in most location is not preferred gardening weather the dreams become plans. Perhaps this is the reason January is National Mail Order Gardening Month.

Companies are aware that gardening runs deep and that the winter leads to dreams of gardening. Mail order catalogs start arriving in the mail around this time of year bringing with them promises of big blooms, delicious garden plants and award winning plants as well. Using this catalogs will help any gardener create a game plan. Thus allowing an easy way through the internet or telephone to purchase just the right plants to arrive at the perfect time in your area.

Placing orders through an online source or catalog can have some great advantages as well. These advantages include:

  • Design help through award-winning plant collections and pre planned gardens.
  • The wisdom of experienced plant and seed growers, who kindly ship plants at the correct planting time for your region, complete with instructions.

Here are a few tips if you plan to order plants through mail order
  • Be prepared to place your plants in the ground a.s.a.p Know where you will place plants and if possible have that area pre prepared. Will you need mulch or fertilizers?? 
  • Open your shipped plants as soon as they arrive. Providing the plants with air circulation and place in a protected and shady spot until you can plant them. Take note to follow enclosed instructions regarding care, watering, soaking and planting 
    check out this great list of mail order catalogs that may interest you 

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