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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Toilet Issues

So I thought it would be easier when my children grew up and started their own families. The answer to that would be no. It seems that a mom needs everything she learned while raising her kids and added information to help her kids when they are out on their own. Recently one of our children moved to a place of their own and found that what they thought was a good place to rent really needed some repair that the land-lord was not willing to do. So like always mom and dad to the rescue. This time dad was way more qualified to help than mom was. But, like I always I never give in and always do my share so I needed to learn and do it quick

Its a warm humid day and you find that the side of the tank has started dripping. This may be as simple as condensation where the water in the tank is colder than the room. Proper ventilation can help reduce this problem. Consider using a toilet liner kit that fits inside the tank as a potential answer as well. 

Toilet tank cracked leaves you only one option of buying a new tank. 

Water leaking from the base of the toilet could be the wax ring or a cracked toilet base. The wax rings and toilet bases need to be replaced.

Have you ever not been able to not flush the toilet. This again could be easy to fix if you understand how the toilet works. The first thing is to do is to check the flush handle, flush lever / lift arm, chain, flapper valve and the connections between each of the parts to make sure all are functioning. The issue may be the handle is to loose or tight. The lift arm may be broken or bent. The connection between the lift arm and lift chain may be broken or out of adjustment. This may allow the flapper valve to not raise far enough. 

The toilet running noisy?? Make sure the water supply line is turned completely open. It may be as simple as cleaning. If possible though you will want to replace the fill valve seal. Replacement seals are available. and at a reasonable price. Instillation is fairly easy as well. 

I hope that these few little tricks will help you if ever needed. What other repairs have you had to do in your home?? 

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