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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Safety First Trick Or Treat

So its the big night. The night to head out and have some fun and maybe be scared a bit or make some one else say Boo. Before heading out get your game plan on. 

Fix a quick meal before heading out to get the treats. This will help kids from gorging on Halloween candy. If allergies haunt your children you will want to know what it is they are eat any. 

Parents of children with allergies have more than likely learned to be prepared. Take your cell phone along, any emergency medications that may be needed including epinephrine. Keeping wet wipes on hand will allow you to keep your child's hands clean. If your child is an asthmatic take along the inhaler in case of dust, leaves or other allergy is present. 

One idea is to plan your route and talk to your neighbors asking them to give your children safe candy. You may even want to provide your neighbors with treats to give your children. 

Offer your child non-food items in exchange for their trick or treat loot. Items such as coloring books, storybooks, pencils, sticker's, stuffed animals, toys, cash and play dough will often tempt children into trading in their trick or treat goodies. 

For children who have allergy reactions by touch perhaps including a pair of scary gloves with your child's costume would work. For children with eczema or other skin allergies make sure to use only hypoallergenic make up or stay clear of make up. Store bought costumes often include latex in the material as well as synthetic dyes armed with this information choose a costume for your child that will work well. 

Pets are another hazard that you must be aware of. Children with allergies or asthma need to be aware of where they go. Never enter any home with smokers if that is a trigger for your child's asthma. 

Most importantly be safe and have fun. 

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