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Friday, October 14, 2016

Be Prepared

None of us ever want to be involved in a medical emergency. When and if one ever occurs it would be best if we were prepared. By having a plan of action, a prepared emergency kit and knowledge you will be ready for a medical emergency. 

It is important to keep well stocked emergency kit at home, in your car and in your office. This will help you provide instant care when and if an emergency occurs. 

Having medical information file with families medical condition and history and other important information is a great idea. It is important to keep in a place where it is handy so that it can be easily accessed. 

Attending a first aid and CPR class is essential. The proper steps to take in an emergency is taught by these classes. I have had both classes and yes have had to use all my knowledge at different times at our own home with my family.

Keep a list of emergency phone numbers near the phone. Now days you can keep them programmed into your cell phone. 

Learn to recognize emergency symptoms. Knowing these symptoms will help you take immediate action

The most important step is to not panic. Panic will cause you not to think straight or use the knowledge you learned. Keeping calm will help you to deal with the emergency. 


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