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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wheels on Bus Pillow

What you need:
coordinating yellow fabrics
black/white fabrics for the wheels
red fabric scrap for the front
sewing machine, scissors, thread, etc.

First, cut out the pattern.  Lay it out on your main fabric (right sides together) and cut.

Cut out a few strips of your other yellow fabric 2" wide as long as you need.  Don't make my mistake of only cutting 2 and finding I had to add a 3rd and by then, couldn't get a measurement to give you...oops.

Next, cut out all your pieces to add to the front of your school bus and lay out the design. Then sew it all down.

I used black felt for the windows, scrap black polka for the wheels with white felt in the middle, red felt for the stop sign, and scrap red fabric for the reflecting line  

Then, sew the 2" strips together (right sides facing) to "belt " around the pillow.  Again, I ended up cutting a 3rd strip so I don't have an accurate measurement for ya.  I would say at least 26" long...then you could just cut of the access.

Then, pin the "belt" around the bus giving a little extra slack around the corners.  Then sew one side into place.

It gets a little tricky but not too bad...I found that I would manually turn the wheel around the tight areas so I didn't accidentally stitch out of place.  Then pin and sew the other side.  Leave a hole to turn inside out.

Stuff and whip stitch the hole closed.


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