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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Feature Attraction Lifetime Movie Club

I must admit to you that I love to watch movies. Not just any movie but a movie that interacts 
with my life in one way or another. One of my favorite channels to watch movies on is the Lifetime Movie Channel. That is why I loved when I heard the news about the lifetime movie club. 

The Lifetime Movie Club allows members to watch lifetime movies anytime they choose. I 
am a busy mom grandma and I work full time outside of the house as well. That means 
that my time to watch T.V. must fall on my schedule. Which is one reason that I love the
 lifetime movie club. Another great thing is that they save me even more time because they 
are commercial free. 

There are times that me and my daughters will go on a movie watching binge. Another 
reason I love the Lifetime Movie club is because a new movie is released every day. This 
allows us to enjoy movies without having to watch the same thing over again. At times
 re-runs are super annoying. 

So are you ready to check out the Lifetime Movie Club for yourself? Awesome, there is a free
7 day trial period to try out the lifetime movie channel to see if you love it as much as I
think you will.  

With everyone on the go another great feature of the Lifetime Movie Club is that there are a 
number of ways that you can enjoy the movies. Whether it be on iPhone, iPad, iPod, 
or Roku Player you can enjoy the Lifetime Movie club. Plans are in the works for even 
more platforms to come in the future. 
look for more information at

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