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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Label Daddy Peel n Stick Durable Labels Discount Code

Headed back to school with all the new gadgets and gear?? Well you may want to label a few of those items with your childs name and information. After all, it takes good money to pay for things that may end up misplaced. I can see it now, the notebook that the report is prepared in is forgotten in the library but thanks to Moms smart way of staying organized the notebook is found and has been turned into the librarians desk all you have to do is go get it and save the day. 

Label Daddy labels are the perfect labels for the job. They are peel and stick style and are custom made just for your child or you. Label Daddy is the number one solution for labeling your belongings perfect for heading back to school. There is no ironing or sewing needed it is just a simple peel and stick style. We all know that kids are tough on every thing no matter what it is. Label Daddy labels have a special laminated coating that offers and extra layer of protection. There are not other labels with this exclusive property. That is why Label Daddy Labels are a must for gong back to school

Labels are perfect for clothing, books, bags, sports equipment, electronics and your child's own personal belongings as well. For kids who participate in clubs, sports, leagues or go to day care there are items that will be needed that could be misplaced and mistaken as someone else's. With the label daddy labels the problem is solved as it can be identified as being your child's. Adult's don't feel left out as we all know there are those items like sunglass cases, phones, cameras, sport equipment, electronics, hats, clothing and many more items that could be left behind or mistaken for another's there are label daddy labels for you as well. 

The super durable peel and stick washable labels can travel through the washer and dryer, in the microwave, dishwasher and sit in the sun and still be safe. With many variations to select from Label Daddy Labels are fun and attractive as well. Choose your own style of color, size, and logo to create your label. With popular MLB, NBA and NHL team logos, disney characters as well as other fun logos the choice is yours. 

Visit the website When you purchase your Label Daddy labels use the discount code USFG25 at checkout.

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