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Thursday, August 4, 2016

I love fresh produce from gardens as well as farmers markets. The only problem is that they have their own timing. They do not wait til I am ready to fix them rather they have a time limit where they will go bad. Here are some tips that will help you store, prepare and keep your produce as long as you can"

Ears of Corn:
husk the corn, wrap in damp paper towel. Place the corn in fridge. They will stay fresh a few more days than usual. Do you want to keep them even longer?? Then consider freezing the corn. 
Tip: use a clean toothbrush to remove silks

Carrots Green Onions and Celery:
Keep carrots and celery in cold water in the fridge. This not only helps clean them but they will also last longer before preparing to cut up

Peaches will ripen well on your kitchen counter. When ripe store them in a single layer on the bottom shelf of your fridge

Berries can be stored on paper towel in fridge til they are ready to be used. Do not wash or hull til berries are ready to be used. Cutting will make them brown sooner than they should

Watermelon can be kept out of fridge away from the sun in dry place. After cutting chill in fridge

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  1. I haven't visited a Farmer's Market this year. No reason other been being lazy on Sunday morning!!! I have to keep fruit like nectarines and pears in the refrigerator. My husband likes them super firm.

  2. I understand that , my mother did the same thing love the crisp cold taste of pears, plums , peaches and nectarines like that


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