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Monday, August 1, 2016

Girlfriends mean more than you think ....

Today on National Girlfriends Day I want to share with you all about my girlfriends. They are great girls that I always have fun with. Whether we go out just by ourselves or go out with a group these are the gals that I love to spend time with. The gals that know my secrets and dreams that I keep. 

My oldest daughter has been there through the thick and thin. She is a best friend that has shared secrets and in the past few years we have learned to fight back against abuse. This gal is strong and proud and I am proud of her. She is not only my daughter but my best friend. 
I am blessed to have two awesome girlfriends in my life. This young lady is always there when I need her and likewise I am there for her as well. She is my youngest daughter and she has a heart of gold. I do have a request for you all though, please say a special prayer that she will find herself in the family way. She is having fertility problems and yet once again our friendship will see us through it all. 

Who is your girlfriend? Girlfriends can be family like your sister, mother or daughter , classmates, co-workers or anyone that you really love to spend time with. They are dear friends who are as much there for you as you are for them. Like me and my girlfriends you spend time together, laughing and sharing secrets. The first to be there in time of need and always around to help you celebrate the triumphs of life. 

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