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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Are The Batteries Dead

Lazy summer days are sometimes just that, lazy days. Laying in front of the t.v. binge watching your favorite shows. But what happens if suddenly the remote no longer works?? Do you get up and try to change the channel using the knob like they did in the old days. The answer to this for some of us would be no we would try to tinker with the remote and try our best to figure out why it is not working. So finally you figure out that it is out of batteries. NO KIDDING!!!!

Next time this happens to you here is a quick way to tell if the battery is not working: 
when the remote control is working, a tiny little light, emits from the tiny bulb that points to the T.V. The problem exist because the naked eye can not see this light If the batteries are dead, this light is not present but how would you know that. Using your phone camera or a digital camera to look at the little tiny light bulb when the remote is facing you. Press any button on the remote and your camera will pick up the light. If the light is not present then the batteries are dead.

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