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Friday, August 5, 2016

Eye Exams Before Back To School

As we gather together back to school supplies such as crayons, pencil, paper, and gym shoes lets not forget one of the most important back to school task. The task of taking our children to get an eye exam. There are some states that require eye exams at certain grades with kindergarten being one of those. If we want our children to do the best they can then we need to give them the proper tools and eye sight is one of those

Most of us make routine visits to the doctor and dentist but the eye doctor is often over looked. Regular eye exams are important for both children who wear glasses as well as those that do not. As children continue in school, they face increasing demands on their eyes and the ability to see. The american Optometry Association estimates that 1 out of every 4 children have vision related problems. Eye problems can lead to further problems in the education world, language development, athletic performance and overall health.

Eye problems can be caused by irregularities or eye muscle imbalance can affect the depth perception and lead to clumsiness, tripping and poor hand eye conditions. Visual skills that do not develop or are poorly developed learning can be difficult and stressful for children. Kids will avoid reading as much as possible, have a lowered level of comprehension or efficiency or experience discomfort, fatigue and or short attention span. 

When caught early enough many childhood eye conditions can be corrected or treated. The best way to ID and diagnose problems is by yearly eye exams. Many children do not have opportunity to visit the eye doctor because many believe if there is not problem why look for one. Many times the problem does not appear until it is too late and symptoms such as headaches, learning problems and behavioral issues have occurred 

For this reason The AOA has recommended eye exams as follows:

First 12 months – Infants, particularly premature babies, should have an eye exam in the first 12 months.
Age 2 or 3 years – Preschool is a critical time for learning.  Preschoolers should have an eye exam when they are old enough to understand and respond to the exam.
Age 5 – Kindergarten is also a critical time for learning.  Kindergartners should have an eye exam before entering school.
Children without identified vision problemsshould then have a comprehensive eye exam every two years.
Children who wear glasses or who have other eye conditions should see the eye doctor at least annually, or more often, as recommended by the doctor.



  1. Yep, Annie ... you're right! Our kiddos see the eye doctor in the summer or just before school let's out ...

  2. yep, have ours scheduled as well
    thanks for the visit and leaving a comment

  3. Your right and I know we didn't take our children very often for eye testing although they did test them in school. I myself went for an eye exam in my 40's for reading glasses. Now I just got a referral to an opthamologist to check for cataracts. We did a whole bunch for testing for glaucoma too and thankfully all is well. Great advice for parents.

  4. yes you are so right I am a diabetic and I have to get my eyes checked yearly each time with glaucoma check as well thanks for your comment


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