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Monday, March 12, 2012

Tips For Staying Organized

I struggle with staying organized. I can not tell you how many times I got in trouble in school for messy desk, messy locker, etc... Through out the years I have found ways to help me stay organized

write everything down: make notes of whatever you need to remember. I carry around a small notebook in my pocket at work and at home and whenever something comes up I need to remember or need to get done I write it down and when it is done I mark it off the list

keep your space organized when there is too much clutter I often get distracted and forget what it is I am doing. So the cleaner the environment the more I seem to stay organized

A game that I play when cleaning house is when I am leaving one room to take an item into another I will take something and put it where it goes that way I do not get distracted and keep cleaning.

Put paper work away right away because if you leave it out you will start a pile and it will get you behind and disorganized before you know it

Decluttering once a month taking out what I don't use to stay organized and clean helps to keep me on tract. As I stated before with to much around I get distracted but I have a nact to also become a pack rat and hoard what I have when I don't use it (this is hereditary)

One of my favorite tools of all is a home notebook. It helps keep me organized real well. Inside the notebook you will find a section for meal plan, bills, organization skills, birthday list.

Do you have any ways that helps you to stay organized?

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  1. oh my friend we have a lot in common! organizational skills are not my finest hour -- thank you for your helpful tips and believe it or not -- the notebook starts today!!! hugs...

  2. Thanks for all of the tips!

    Im more organized with lists on Excel Spreadsheets, ( books Im reading, birthdays, phone numbers ..) than I am with paperwork..

    Im working on it though!


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