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Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patricks Day Trivia

Did you know that St. Patrick was not Irish? In fact he was born inbritain and was a missionary to the country of Ireland.

Did you know that the color that St. Patrick prefered was not green but blue? The green came in during the 19th century because of Irish Legends that described fairies and immortals wearing green Green was also a color that farmers in the area wore to encourage their plants to grow

Did you know that the word Lephrechaun has more than one origin? It could mean a sprite like in the Irish Gaelic language or it could mean shoemaker. That is why we often think of them as magical shoemakers. That is unless you think of the movie where the Lephrechaun is actually very evil.

Did you know that there are quite a few towns in the U.S. that have shamrock as their name? You can find the town of Shamrock in the states of West Virginia, Indiana, and Oklahoma

Did you know that the Guinness Book of World Records records a 14 leaf clover?

Did you know that the leaves on a four leaf clover are said to hold meaning. Hope, Faith, Love and Luck for the finder.

Did you know that pinching someone who is not wearing green is simply and American Tradition?

Did you know that each year the Chicago River is turned green for St. Patricks Day. This tradition has went on for over 40 years and is part of the St Patricks Day parade celebration

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