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Monday, March 12, 2012

Cleaning Puke From Carpet

It seems that the flu bug is making its way around again. So if you run into the problem of someone getting sick unexpectedly then this will help you be prepared. I found this tip here


Asha's Vomit-Carpet Cleaning Routine

Warning: it's descriptive.
You will need:
  • 2-3 towels
  • A plastic garbage bag
  • Baking soda
  • Carpet cleaner and cleaning cloths (only if the carpet gets stained)
  • Vacuum cleaner
Scoop up the solid bits with a big, absorbent towel. I use a beach towel. BIG and ABSORBENT are key because you can wrap everything up in the towel and throw it straight in the washer. If there are a lot of solids, dump what you can in the toilet -- but usually the washer will take care of the worst of it. Throw the towel in the plastic bag.
With a second towel, blot the big, wet spots. The more pressure, the more the towel will suck up moisture. Throw the towel in the plastic bag.
Only if the vomit leaves a stain, saturate the stain with carpet cleaner, and clean as directed. It's rare that we need to do this, but when we do we use Resolve. Throw the cleaning cloths into the plastic bag.
Sprinkle the wet spot with baking soda. Use more than you think you need to, and press it into the carpet with the corner of a towel. This will neutralize any smell.
Throw the towels in the washer. You'll be so glad you did this right away. If you don't have a washer, you've got everything sealed up in a plastic bag, ready for the laundromat.
Let the spot dry, then vacuum. I've left the baking soda overnight with no problems.
Polish your parenting medal. You know, the one you were awarded the last time you went through this?


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