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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Project Earth Day Sponsored by Kalso Earth Shoes

Earth Day has always laid heavy on my heart and we in one way or another participate each year. Our past projects have included planting flowers, picking up trash and participating in community group events. This year following the terrible earth quake that our community experienced February 29, 2012 that left our community saddened by loss of life, property and the destruction that was left behind.

This year Kalso Earth Shoes, the company of the "original wellness shoe" is celebrating their birthday which is also Earth Day by giving the chance for others to do good through Project Earth Day.  The company Kalso believes in wellness, being active, community engagement and sustainability. Kalso wants to give 3 online bloggers the opportunity to carry the spirit of the company's annual service day into their local communities. The three bloggers will each receive a $1000 Kalso Earth Shoes "Project Earth Day Scholarship" to help promote their Earth Day related service project plan.

My earth day project will be to help make my community beautiful again. My sons have all ready been out there helping to clean up the after math that was left behind by the tornado. My goal would be to help replant trees, bushes and flowers where the tornado went through. Many areas in the tornado path have no trees left because the tornado chewed them up when it traveled through. I grew up with the notion of honoring those we love by planting a tree. The tornado not only destroyed houses and trees but also killed seven individuals. I would love to plant trees to remember these individuals and plant a garden where the tornado hit our town the hardest. We will never forget and while planting trees and flowers does not seem a lot but to me it helps to plant a better site within our community something to remember the storm by.

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