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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Space Shuttle Atlantis

Did you see it? Yesterday when those proud men dressed in orange and with large smile walked out and were ready to go to space? Space shuttle Atlantis took off from Cape Canaveral Florida loaded with needed supplies for the space station and other important items. I always love to hear what the astronaut's are doing in space. Every since I was a child I loved to see the space shuttle. As a highschooler I remember watching the space launching on T.V. NASA has plans to put another astronaut back on the moon by 2020 since I was only 2 the last time a man walked on the moon I would love to be able to see this and remember. The year 2020 will find me enjoying middle age and what an event that would be. The truth of the matter is that the Space Missions are broke and a review panel appointed by President Barack Obama had deemed that there is not enough money for any missions prior to 2020. Wow that is 10 years how sad that in those 10 years the younger generation will not be able to see space launches.

What do you think?

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