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Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Fragments

This past week has went so fast I am not even sure exactly what went on to me it just seems like a bunch of fragments. Let me explain:

  • Sunday saw us at church and having a great time it seems that my nephews are beginning to understand what church is all about. I think the littlest one thinks church is where you go visit the baby dolls as he seems to care for them the whole time he is there

  • Monday was just a bit different with the oldest one having fun running laps at school. While he ran the other one had been in trouble for running her mouth and the teacher was coming for a visit at the house. Great excitement no it was not it was more like having your teeth pulled yet smiling and trying to listen

  • Tuesday saw the two boys traveling home with their dad after begging him to come and get them and them begging me not to let them go. I have come to the conclusion that until their dad wants to visit with them this will not happen again. They left the house crying and came home with big hugs the next day.

Well not for sure what else happened must say it has been super busy what was your week like? Visit the blog Half Past Kissin Time and share


  1. It's nice to actually see it in their eyes when going to church means more than just playing. I almost remember when I realized that it wasn't just a social hour. :)

  2. Very cool your nephews are beginning to understand what church is all about - and funny that the littlest one thinks it's where you go to visit the baby dolls! :)

    Sorry the boys left the house crying - big hugs on their return was extra special I bet! :)

    Happy FF late! :)

  3. I just don't understand what it is about why so many men don't give a crap about seeing their kids. It's shocking, really. They are missing out so much!

    I spoke with a parent on the phone last night (I'm a teacher) and I could hear her gritting her teeth, haha. She was all about talking the talk, but she never follows through. I hate that, because it stinks for her kid, who is really a sweetheart and just needs support for doing his homework. Hope you survived your chat okay :)

    Thanks for joining in this week! Happy Turkey Day!!


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