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Friday, November 20, 2009

The End of Oprah?

Have you heard the news about Oprah as of late? Well, for one I can say that I surely will miss Oprah. I have been a fan from the begging and when she hits that 25 year mark the show will end. Can you imagine I have been watching for 20+ years it will seem like a wonderful friendship ending. Oprah's voice has demanded results from viewers before like in the mad cow debate and in the manner of James Frey. Both situations she spoke, shared her point of view and reasoning and then her viewers followed suit.

Will this be the end of Oprah Winfrey? I would dare say no. Some have said that Oprah will move her show to her own network known as Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). Whatever Oprah does I am sure she will do it with the same ambition she has shown on her show. Whether you like Oprah or not you must admit that she has been part of many adventures such as the recent elections supporting President Obama, the attempt to bring the Olympics to the U.S. and the wonderful work she has done in Chicago Illinois.

what do you think


  1. She has done soooo much...what an awesome woman :)

  2. I am not really a fan of Ms. O, but I do have to say that her leaving, with all the problems we are having in Chicago right now will be a HUGE blow to the local economy here, and it makes me quite mad to think about it. She brings a lot of focus to our city, and her leaving, and going elsewhere is a kick to the knees, and makes me sad that a woman that has done so much for my city would turn her back on us like that.


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