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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Parents Magazine helps with Preschool Tantrums

With the holidays here you may want your children to behave at their best. While this may not always happen here are a few tips that Parents magazine online shared

  • give them their space a bit but ask them if they would play or do what you want when they have had a few minutes of their own time
  • independence is a issue at the preschool level allow them to help their selves while you help them do that
  • try to keep activities times at short time span to hold with little ones attention spans
  • offer choices of how to get the job done this allows them to feel in control yet the job is getting done
  • allow a warning that time is almost up and the time to start something else is coming

Hopefully these little tips will help you to keep you and your child happy and content with all the holiday business

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