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Monday, November 16, 2009

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Target and TwitterMoms want to ask one question What three favorite family Thanksgiving traditions have you passed or will pass on to your children

  1. One thing that we do quite a bit is to say what we are thankful for. My grandmother started this and each year this tradition is passed along. Even when our family was small we would go around the table stating what we were thankful for. Now that our family is bigger we stand around the kitchen and each of us say at least one thing that we are thankful for.

  2. As far back as I can remember the man of the house would always slice the turkey. My grandfather, my father and now my husband have participated in each of these. It is very important as our whole family sits and watches the turkey be sliced. Not only is it a boost of confidence to the man of the house but for me it is a relief to know that we have a main core to depend on.

  3. When I was a young woman and played with my cousins outside I always envied my mom who would sit inside and chat with her mom and sisters as they did the dishes together. What a wonderful time they would have. This is one tradition that I carried on with my mother when I got old enough and know my daughter and my daughter in laws.

While I can not say that the menu stays the same besides the Turkey and Potatoes I can say that the other three traditions mean allot to me. What are your three traditions? Share what your Thanksgiving traditions are and enter to win $50 gift card from Target at this link

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