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Friday, November 20, 2009

Salute to those involved with Foster Care

My grandparents were foster parents for much of their lives, eventually retiring and adopting the last 3 foster children to be thier own. My husband grew up in a foster home and holds fond memories of many of those that helped him. There are 130,000 children currently living in foster homes. Being a foster parent is not one of glamour or riches but one is built on love. November is a month devoted to National Adoption Month. In observation of National Adoption Month I would love to share some facts with you.

  • the average age of the child waiting for adoption is 8 years old
  • there are plenty of children under age of 5 that are part of sibling groups that are waiting for adoption
  • The percentage across the board of boys and girls, and blacks and whites are all approximately equal.
  • one out of every five children will not be adopted and will exit the system at 18 or 21 without being adopted
  • The children that live in these foster homes are our children they are children that need love they do not belong to someone else and they are not throw away kids. We all have a responsibility to help these kids in all that we can do.

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