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Saturday, February 11, 2017

This Valentine Day Don't forget Those Who Can Not Get Out

There are those that are in need of things that they can not be simply given. They are in search of encouragement, comfort, sense of belonging and a visit from someone. Most of us would love to be accepted but there are those that are more need of it than others. These individuals feel rather lonely at times. 
  • elderly people still living independently especially if they are shut-ins
  • elderly or disabled people living in nursing homes
  • people who are sick for a prolonged period of time
  • people who are hospitalized
  • bereaved people
  • prisoners
  • people in shelters
  • people in crisis

Many people will not go visit others because they do not feel as if they know what to say or do. The truth is that you do not have to have a play you are simply going to visit someone, to say hi how are you doing. A visit means a lot more to some than what the conversation is about. A planned out speech or agenda could turn people off as they believe you have a plan of some sort that you are not there for them. At your visit you may want to:

  • Create and give (or send) a St. Valentine’s Day care package.

  • ♥  Hold Hands

  • ♥  Bake homemade goodies for someone, or better yet bake with them so the smell of something sweet fills their home.

  • ♥  Make and give a home-made card with your own personal message of love.

  • ♥  Give a gentle shoulder or arm massage. Give a hand massage using lotion.

  • ♥  Pray together.

  • ♥  Watch an old movie together while eating popcorn or other snack.

  • ♥  Bring a pet to visit and let him love on your older family member. Place a colorful scarf on your pet before you go.

  • ♥  Share a piece of pie, piece of fruit, or cup of coffee and conversation.

  • ♥  Make a large pot of soup and share it. Store the rest of the soup in freezer bowls for meals later on.

  • ♥  Smile, laugh, and give a lot of hugs. When you give these things, you usually get them back.

  • ♥  Look through old photos or photo albums. Or, look through a loved one’s old greeting card scrapbook and find the Valentines cards.

  • ♥  Bring a warm fuzzy blanket as a gift.

  • ♥  Write notes of love on sticky paper and leave them around the house for a loved one to find.

  • ♥  If you have an elderly neighbor check on them and leave them with some goodies.

  • ♥  Share favorite quotes, sayings, or bible readings about love.

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