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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Psalms 136

Psalms 136 

The main theme of this chapter is to give thanks. How is it that we can give thanks to the Lord?? 

  • love him with all our hearts.
  • spend time with him.
  • tell others about him.
  • do the things he wants us to do.
  • pray.

What is it that God has done for you today?? 

I must say that I feel blessed beyond measure with all that I have personally been given. The freedom to worship as I please, my husband and our relationship the past 30 years, my children and watching as they become stable adults, and my grand-children and the love they offer. I am blessed because of my job and the individuals I work with as well as care for. I am lucky and Praise God and thank-him for all these things and so much more.

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