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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Help The Internet Become Safer

February is a month that draws awareness to a safer internet. While the internet is dangerous with hackers out there looking for information to those who are stealing identities. But the ones as a mother that I worry about are the children. How is it that your children access the internet?? Are your teens using it properly?? I have truly seen it abused in a few different ways. Parents must stay on top of internet usage.

Today parents, educators, geeks and many technological companies will come together to celebrate #SaferInternetDay With support from the US government and European Commission the group is coordinated.

Some rules to keep in mind for Internet Safety for our children are:

We should all practice safety on the internet. There are those that are out there looking for any slip of information and ready to destroy our lives or hurt us. Here are some tips all of us should keep in mind

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