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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rubber Bands Patented

My name is angie but I answer to mom, nana, wife, CNA, and so many other words. In the like manner an every day rubber band is also known as a binder, elastic band, lackey band, laggy band, gum band or elastic. How many of these terms (given by wikipedia) have you heard a rubber band called? There are just a few of them that made sense to me. No matter what you call it a rubber band is commonly ring shaped and used to hold multiple items together. 

Stephen Perry of England patented the rubber band on March 17, 1845. There were many different groups that made the manufacture of rubber band possible. First it was the Aztecs and Mayans that used natural rubber products around 1600 B.C. Charles Goodyear also helped the cause by developing vulcanization (process used to make rubber) in 1839. 

Most rubber bands are manufactured out of natural rubber and come in a variety of sizes. I can recall using lots of rubber bands as a kid. The reason being was that me and my sister had paper routes. We first had to roll the papers and then place the rubber band around the rolled up newspaper. The papers could then be easily placed into our newspaper bags to be delivered to the houses of our customers. 

What do you use rubber bands for?? 

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