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Friday, March 18, 2016

Moments of Infertility

All of my children are raised and left the nest. This should make a mothers job easy but it truly does not. The problems my children face are still issues that I worry about and try to help them solve as well. My middle daughter had a job that she wanted to do all of her life every since she was a little girl. This job is one that many find easy to fill but to her is a job that never seems to come. She dreams of being a mommy. We pray that this will happen one day but while we wait and see doctors it is an issue that she cries over, I cry with her and we pray more. 

While the greek may have prayed to the goddess of fertility I believe we will keep praying our own personal prayers and believing that God will take care of all. 

While others have tried to help us along the battle road and we do listen and try to check out methods that worked for others when ever possible sometimes those methods are of no use to us. We have not given up hope to reach our goal the old fashioned way. As of yet she does not want to even discuss in-virto fertilization or any other artificial reproductive technology. We do have an appointment with a fertility doctor that we hope can give us some answers. 

We do ask that you keep us in your prayers. Our daughter goes to the fertility doctor on April 4th. We look forward and pray for some answers. Keep us in your prayers , please pray that some good news will be offered.

If you have a friend suffering from infertility you can offer them some hope by offering a small note of cheer. Let them know you are praying for them. Note of encouragement to keep going to the goal will help lift up hopes. 
Infertility is a super private matter. The subject matter is one that no one wants to discuss and no one wants to bring up either. Those suffering with infertility may begin to feel alone and is if no one cares. There is lots of chatter about babies but little conversation about the trouble of having one. Remember your friend who would love to get pregnant needs your love and encouragement as much as those with new babies. Remember to include them with the group and invite them .Also remember to forgive them if they pass because they are in a stressed place and young children and new mothers will be present. 
Remember those childless couple on those big days when they may feel a bit sad. Perhaps it is wedding anniversary, mothers day or fathers day. There will be those days when someone can give a bit of encouragement with a simple hug

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