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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Help Our Bird Friends This Winter

I shared yesterday with you about the great Christmas bird hunt. The goal is to find out how birds are migrating and keep tract of the health of bird as well. With this in mind and since we are all in the gift giving mood lets discuss giving the birds a gift.

Winter can be a hard season for the bird. With snow and ice on the ground finding natural food can be a hard job. Food becomes limited for our feathered friends. We can help our bird friends find food. This activity is great for the whole family and awesome for our bird friends. Have fun

Pine cone (can use a paper towel roll too)
Peanut butter (or other type of nut butter)
Wire or string
Dull knife for spreading
Bird seed

Tie a piece of string around the widest part of the cone. Spread peanut butter on the pine cone and sprinkle with seed or mix the seed and peanut butter and then spread on the pinecone. Tie the string onto a branch on a tree outside for the birds to enjoy

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