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Friday, December 18, 2015

Family Christmas Day 18 ::: Snow Day

Without the coming of the New Born King we would continue to live in a sinful world. It was only his coming and later following the prophecy that made it possible for us to be cleaned like snow.
 Today lets take a moment to think about snow. I have many memories of building snowmen, snow forts, deep snows , making angels in the snow and the list goes on. What memories do you have? Have you shared the stories with those that you love? I am a story teller and love to tell the stories every chance I get. Perhaps it is a great time to get together and share your stories as well. I am sure others will gladly share their stories as well.
We have been blessed (my opinion) to have a mild winter with no snow as of yet. So we have not had the chance to have any snow ball fights as of yet. If you are like me then you ay want to make your own snowglobe with the little ones
Large baby food jars with lids
Baby oil (I used two full bottles for 5 snow globes)
An object to put inside (I found these little gingerbread men in the $1 section at Target!)
Hot glue gun + glue

Remove the labels from the jars (I just put them in hot water for about 10 minutes and the labels came right off)
Glue your object to the inside of the jar’s lid and let dry while you do the remaining steps.
Fill each jar with baby oil (you can use water here, but the glitter won’t “float” as well), then add glitter.

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