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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Volunteer opportunities in animal shelter

As an animal lover (not a collector) we are raising 3 dogs and 1 kitten. The funny thing is that they are all well taken care of and we know what we can do and what we can not. The kitten recently arrived as it ran in the house from the outside (I have no idea where from) I always cry when I see the animals at the shelter and those that may not see tomorrow guilty of simply being born. I would love to be a volunteer and have been before at a animal shelter. Some of you may as well but have no idea where to start. Lets start with a few of the task that you may be doing. 

Start by finding the local shelter in your area. What needs do they have?? Are they need of donations or need help with the animals. What skills do you have and what are you willing to do. 
Do you have time to walk and hand out fliers for possible upcoming adoption events. This is a fairly easy way to help out but also very important. 
Use social media to help advertise pets that are in need of homes. Share profiles of adoptable animals on twitter, facebook and pinterest. 
If you have a car or driver license perhaps you can volunteer to take animals to their vet appointments, or to rescue facilities. 
Walking dogs is always needed. Many times shelters are short on staff to help exercise and socialize their animals. Go make a friend and take a walk that is not hard and will offer real help. 
If dogs are not your thing then what about petting cats. Pet, play and interact with cats will help get them ready for new homes

This is just a short list of jobs that shelters need. Give a bit of time and you will get a wonderful reward of knowing you helped poor animals. 

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