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Saturday, November 12, 2016

National Chicken Soup of the Soul Day and a bit about me

National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day occurs each year on November 12. This day celebrates who we are, where we have been , where we are going and who we are thankful for when we get where we are going.

Lets take a look at those questions:

Who I am, well I am a daughter of our King Jesus Christ born to parents and a lovely extended family in a small central Illinois town where corn was king. I am the middle sister of 2 brothers and 2 sisters I am often the captain of our team and speak for the entire family. I am the wife of a proud man who takes care of his family with pride, the mother of 6 children and the grandmother to 3 precious little ones.

Where we have been?? Depends on what time in life we are talking about I have nothing to hide and every aspect of my life has taught me a lesson. As a young girl I worked hard as many country girls do. I fed and watered rabbits, dogs and cats. My father was in the rabbit business and he expected us to help. I worked hard caring for my younger siblings as well. Then in my spare time I delivered newspapers. By the time I was a teenager I was dating and at 16 was married and starting a family of my own. For a few years, mainly because we knew no better, we lived on assistance from the state. I had several summer jobs but they never lasted long. I started my career of a nurses aide at 20 years old and have enjoyed every since. Nearly 10 years ago I started reading and then eventually started my own blog. I have met so many people and truly enjoyed writing and sharing as well.

So many I am thankful for in my life from my parents , grandparents and aunts to my in laws and all those that I have worked with in the many years. Most importantly I would say all those that prayed me through it and my good Lord who always had a plan for me.

Chicken Soup for the Soul day was created by the publishers of Chicken Soup for the Soul books, founded in 1993 I have many of these books and truly love reading each of them. Most importantly Chicken Soup for the Soul Day is a celebration about you.

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