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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Take Down That Wall

Forty years the Berlin wall symbolized the tension between the Soviet Union and the United States. Nuclear war loomed over the heads of both countries. Berlin was in the middle and divided by the wall. The 1980's brought a time of change. Food shortages , shortage of shoes and supplies and long lines to shop were common. Mikhail Gorbachev , leader of Soviet powers, knew that the communist countries were lagging behind the west. Gorbachev dreamed of a country with gentler communism, free speech, open elections and the right to travel freely.

November 9th 1989 ( I was 19 years old) the East Germany government announced that the border would be totally re-opened. The wall that once separated East and West was now no longer. Families were re-united, car horns blared, many climbed the wall and chatted with others. 

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