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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Stand for Children

As the school year draws to a close there are those that continue to work. The Organization Stand for Children can be found in several different states. So while report cards are handed out and children find out if they were promoted to the next grade or not the group Stand for Children will continue their work to make sure all our children deserve the best education.

Stand for Children Illinois chapter started in 2011. They have joined in the debates on issues such as longer school day and school year, Illinois learning standards and attention to under served communities. Parents, community leaders and elected state officials joined together to help promote the issues that Stand for Children believed in. The grass root parent advocates here in the state of Illinois are strong and alive and working hard to promote ideas for All Illinois students. There will always be issues to stand up for and our children will always need help as they battle through the public education system. 

Currently the issue on the table is money. Yes there may be only so much to go around but  all school systems have needs. Money helps school districts to hold school and have the teachers that are needed. The issue is that the way money is divided reminds of big dog little dog. The smaller areas receive less money thus funding the school system becomes difficult. Larger wealthier districts have more money allowing them to have more things like higher educated teachers and more. The work and debate to provide every child in Illinois regardless of location, size or background a high quality education should be our goal. 

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