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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Summer Travel Season Begin

After celebrating Memorial day weekend , summer unofficially is here. Yes, that is right time for some fun and refreshing time in the outdoors. The roads will be busier with all the summer time excitement. Cars will be traveling here and there and the best thing you can do is be safe. Will you be doing a lot of traveling this summer?? Here are a few tips that should open your mind to safety and summer time travel. 

It is not wise to follow a vehicle too closely. This puts you in line for someone else mistakes. If they find their self in need of getting in the other lane they may slow down or speed up and may inadvertently place you in danger of having an accident. Road rage may also result in following someone too close.

Not only is it illegal in many states to chat on the cell phone it is also dangerous. My daughter recently was ticketed for talking on a cell phone and the same may happen to anyone else. Talking on the cell phone diverts your attention to the cell phone rather to the road or driving.

Driving with headlights on at dusk or in bad weather is a safety matter as well. However, driving with your headlights on at inappropriate times is not wise either. There is nothing more distracting than driving towards someone with their headlights on high or on at a clear daylight time.

If you will driving long distance it is best to drive with a partner. Switching drivers during a long trip will allow you both to rest. Driving tired is not wise and has been known to cause accidents.

Paying attention to the weather in your area as well as the destination will alert you to any trouble ahead. Travel and weather web sites can help you avoid storms and other regional challenges. Weather can impact driving and place safety at an importance.

Be aware at where your fuel limit is. Do not let your vehicle gas tank get too low. You may want to carry a disaster supply kit or first aid kit in your vehicle as well. This is important for any accident that may happen. For safety sake let someone know where you are going, what route you will be taking and when you expect to arrive at your destination. In today's world cell phones are a great thing to have while traveling. The problem is if you get in a dead zone with no signal.

Be careful out there and be aware of the next guy as well. 

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