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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Home Organizing : Counter Tops Kitchen

No matter how I try I have to admit it takes a lot for me to stay organized. You know that kid that would have to stay inside to clean their desk or locker well that would be me. I have always struggled with this and I  try really hard. I can be successful but do not take it honestly. I am sad to say that my mother is not organized or a great homemaker and she would admit this to you all as well. The one thing I can tell you she is a wonderful mom. So I strive to have a house like my grandmother who was a great organizer.

One thing that I use to keep organized is lists, lots of lists. So many lists I have a binder where they all go. I plan everything out ahead of time and set a schedule to be done as well. I make my own meal plans, vacation plans, budget and etc... and keep them close by.

I plan to start sharing on regular basis more home making tips. Perhaps you have been here from the beginning but just this year I have shared several including

Now for the tip this time:
Organizing Your Kitchen Counter Tops

Do you ever want more counter space?? Do you ever wish you had everything in its own place? Well it is possible and here are a few tips to help you get that done.

Many homes may have countertops like the one shown below. Things disorganized. Most of us come into a room and lay things down. The problem is they often stay there


It's your kitchen and therefore should be created to fit your needs The key to organization is creating a way to make it functional in your space.

First thing to do after deciding what will work for you is to rid the countertop of clutter. Clean your counters of anything that does not fit the function of the kitchen. Items that you do not use weekly does not belong on countertop.

 You may want to consider storage to help you keep counter space clear. There are many great products out there that will help you keep it all neat and organized.

.start a new habit of keeping dishes down at least twice a day this will help to keep counter tops clear and counter tops looking clear

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