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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Top Ten Courtesy Tips To Live By

I grew up in a family where courtesy was not given a second thought. It went hand in hand with respect. You respected each other and treated each other with courtesy and it was expected back. Life does not always seem that way anymore. Me personally do not see why it would be so easy to do.

Some good tips to keep in mind not only during September but all times is

Always say please and thank you and do it politely and with a smile.

A happy face is better than a grumpy face. Wear one and always remember to say hello and goodbye with all those that you meet along the way.

I was always taught to take our turn when talking. Practice being a good listener and do not interrupt it is rude.

We live in Southern Illinois where the seasons are ever changing. It is best to dress modest and with in the realms of the occasion.

One of the hardest things for many of us to do and something that I am getting better at as I get older is waiting our turn and being patient while we wait

One of the worst things of todays society is individuals manners with the cell phone or other electronic equipment. We need to be more polite not only when to use them and when not to but many times how. The social media world has been used so many times to hurt others. This is not in my opinion it was created for

Our family loves to get out in the world. We take plenty of picnics and go camping as well. The one rule I have for them one that I believe I learned in scouts is to leave the area better than I found it. Take it just a bit further and enlist it in all things in the world. When we see a friend make sure that they are happier than you found them. Whatever it is strive your best to leave it better off

One of my biggest pet peeves is talking to someone or doing something for someone and them not even saying a word simply ignoring me. It does not take a lot of time to show a bit of recognition and the power of a thank you goes a long way.

When we were younger we always asked for permission to be excused from the table. This was simply manners. When my parents stood up they always said to please excuse them as they were leaving the table. Good manners never grow old they simply are forgotten in the busy life Likewise, if you need to squeeze by someone in a tight area the polite thing to do is to say excuse me rather than barging squeezing through.

Lastly, here is a challenge for you. This may be easy for some and hard for others. My challenge to you is to give at least 2 compliments a day to those in your life. You may be surprised how well that does your life

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  1. Loved this...I was just this morning faced with a situation where the person went directly into telling me what they wanted me to "hi" or "good morning"...just blah blah blah...and then at the end of the "thank you". UGH! Thank you for this post. Its nice to know that there are some people out there that still believe good manners are important.


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