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Friday, September 25, 2015

Soccer is Part of Our Life

My children played sports through out their childhood. It was great for the family. This year both of our grand-children our prince and princess are both playing soccer.

Playing sports helps our children to learn many great qualities they will use throughout life. Lessons such as patience. Taking turns with teammates as well as waiting for their teammates to move into position can take time.

Teaches them to respect others and meet friends. It is a way of reaching out to others that may be different than them and sharing time with team mates helps them build skills to make more friends.

Helps them to learn how to talk more clearly and precise. Not only will they watch you through life but by playing sports they will watch coaches, refs and other players. They will have to learn how to talk to coaches and refs and deal with them correctly without the help of parents to stand in and answer the questions. This is a skill that many of us need more practice in

Teaches good sportsmanship. Playing hard is not the only thing that they will have to do, but to get the ball down the field they will have to play depend on their teammates to help it get there. Good sportsmanship against the opponent is important as well

Soccer helps provide exercise. Earlier this month I shared with you about the epidemic of child obesity. Getting out and being physical is one way to help guard against the problem. The running and conditioning of a soccer practice and game helps to benefit cardiovascular health and weight control

Sports for children help build attention span. The focus and mental strength that are built from learning the strategies of the game will build skills that they will need in education as well. It is very important to pay attention to the coach these are very important skills

Soccer helps to build the family bond as well. Watching your child play the game is very important, exciting and so worth while. Last night as our princess scored for the first time our entire family was delighted.

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